Here are a list of changes and new features in the latest ACES updates. Check here to see what's new! If you have any questions about any of the changes or if you have encountered any issues with the system, please contact us.


Released March 27, 2018

The ability to export survey results as a PDF has arrived!

  • Download survey results as PDF
  • PDFs are now automatically generated and attached to the survey response notification


Released January 17, 2018

Get valuable insights into how you are using the ACES system with statistical reports. This update enables you to view stats such as the response rate for the surveys you have been sending out, as well as other insightful information.

  • Sending activity
  • Survey response rate


Released December 18, 2017

Survey results are now included directly in the notification email to make it easier to keep up with your customer's feedback. Also, the ability to export survey results in XLSX (Excel) and CSV has been added.

  • Survey results included directly in notification email
  • Ability to export survey results and reviews


Released November 28, 2017

This release adds a new feature that allows an employee profile to have access to multiple accounts. This benefits companies with several ACES accounts that wish to have a unified login and profile for each employee as well as the ability to reuse an employee's email. Also, support was added for ServSuite's API, which allows you to import relevant data from ServSuite directly into ACES. For those using ServSuite, this will provide a great convenience in that information does not need to be entered twice. It is available as an optional paid add-on, but note it currently is in BETA.

  • Employee profiles that can be linked to multiple accounts
  • The new email theme now supports the option to enable/disable rounded images
  • Added ServSuite API integration


Released October 9, 2017
  • Service type, reminder, and follow-up version now default to the last used values
  • New email theme is now enabled for all accounts


Released October 3, 2017
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA to public reviews to prevent automated bots submitting spam
  • Fixed issue with notifications not being received by emails in the notification list
  • Added further customization options by allowing the header and footer to be enabled/disabled
  • Bug fixes


Released September 29, 2017
  • New options in settings to turn off employee copy of email to field agents/CSRs/managers
  • Bug fixes


Released September 26, 2017
  • New option in settings to set the default for the send a follow-up toggle button
  • New option in settings to enable a limited history mode
  • Ability to upload an attachment from the send confirmation page


Released September 21, 2017

This all-new release completely overhauls ACES by incorporating many requested features, offering better performance, and providing increased security. It is also built on a vastly improved platform that will allow us to offer future updates in a more timely manner. To list all the updated and new features would be too huge a task, but here are a select few:

  • The ability has been added to both reschedule or cancel a confirmation
  • Completely new review widget that is now SEO-friendly
  • Confirmation and follow-up email delivery status - know if and when an email gets delivered
  • Sent emails are tracked for opens and clicks when possible
  • Ability to send a confirmation text message only, or just to employees, not to the customer
  • Email addresses are now checked with more comprehensive validation before sending
  • Enhanced email previews without leaving the current page
  • Easier to read records, including survey results
  • City and state auto-fill based on zip code
  • No need to manually cancel follow-ups (surveys or thank-yous) - it is now done automatically
  • Records are now kept indefinitely/several years, not just 3 months
  • Branches can now have different address and contact information than the main account
  • Employees can now be assigned multiple roles (CSR, Manager, Field Agent)
  • Account managers and employees now share the same unified login
  • Employees can now reset they're own passwords
  • Customer's data is now stored in the system
  • Sending a confirmation is easier now with customer auto-fill
  • Much improved unsubscribe system - view which customers unsubscribed
  • Ability to import compatible appointment and customer data
  • New survey options including new answer types
  • New email theme option with more modern look-and-feel
  • Reviews are now separated out of the standard surveys
  • Greatly enhanced text message system
  • Custom wording can now be set for all email being sent
  • Multi-lingual: support for different languages - Spanish translations on the way
  • Account management is now mobile-friendly
  • Increased user-friendliness of billing system
  • And many more features/improvements on the way!